Blaise + Marina |

Blaise and Marina Raccuglia are two passionate people ready to see revival in their generation. Growing up on opposite sides of the world from California to Brazil, they met with a similar path of upbringing attending seminary school at 18 years old. Blaise studied at Cottonwood Leadership College in California while Marina studied at Christ For The Nations in Dallas. After planting Capital City Church in 2020, Blaise met Marina in 2023 and he knew she was the one God hand picked to steward the call alongside the vision that has been planted in Austin. They value the wisdom of leaders that have gone before them and desire to see salvation sweep across Texas. 

Pastor Brandon and Natalie Melendez, originating from Southern California, embraced a sacred call to relocate to Austin, Texas, driven by a vision to witness a generation truly encountering A living Jesus. Alongside their commitment to serving Him, the Melendez family includes four beautiful children. They cherish every moment, actively participating in the growth of their children in the ways God is calling them, creating a loving and nurturing environment within our church community.